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STRM-1: The ultimate Tremolo Pedal

The same analog Tremolo circuit found in our Classic mono Tremolo pedal but with added Stereo circuitry. You can get the same classic Tremulator tone with one amplifier. Or hook up two amplifiers for the sweeping, pulsing sound of stereo. With both phase and sync controls all sorts of cool stereo effects are possible.

Designed to emulate the classic Fender tremolo effect (or vibrato as it is often referred to), the Stereo Tremulator features “lopsided” amplitude modulation with a rounded off triangular modulated waveform. In the stereo mode the super cool tone of a Magnatone Amplifierís Tremolo is reproduced.

Operation is fairly straightforward. There is one 1/4″ input and one 1/8″ 9volt input on the Right side of the unit on the left side there is two 1/4″ outputs A and B one for each amplifier.

There are Three control knobs on the unit: Depth 1 which effects output A, Depth 2 which effects output B and Rate which controls the speed of the tremolo effect for both outputs. There are two switches Phase and Sync. Plus a footswitch to bypass the effect, and an LED to indicate effect operation. On the side there is a trim pots to set the bias for the optical units.

Depth affects the amount of amplitude modulation on the signal or the amount of effect. The tremulator design incorporates a small amount of gain (approx. 1dB) to allow for proper “tremulation.” Also, by turning the Depth all the way off, the STRM-1 will function as a low noise volume boost. Its low-impedance output allows it to act as a line-driver, eliminating signal loss on long cable runs.

Rate increases and decreases the frequency of the low-frequency oscillator, enabling you to time the effect as desired.

Phase, can change the audio phase of output a to either in or out of Phase.

Sync and change the tremolo effect to be in sync between out puts A and B or out of sync. That is, In sync, the volumes of both outputs modulate together or out of sync the volume of one output goes up as the other goes down, coupled with the phase reversed you get a swirling phase shifting sound.

Trim pots set the bias of the optical tremolo units. It affects the signals on and off time ratio. Turned up to high it will squeeze the signal, low it will loosen it. The unit comes preset to Ry Cooder’s preferred setting.

A hybrid of vintage sound and state-of-the-art quality, the Demeter Stereo Tremulator is designed for years of trouble-free operation.


Product Manual


Power supply: 9 volts DC. Either external or internal. For internal power, use a 9-volt battery. To access, remove the four screws on the bottom of the unit and pull apart. Note: battery must have at least 7 volts for unit to work! External power supply using standard Boss type adapter, 9 volt DC regulated (100 milliamp or more).

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