About Us

Over 40 Years of Sonic Excellence

Our products are the result of a lifelong passion and pursuit for better sound. We strive to create products that capture the warmth of classic audio, without the noise or operational issues that so often came with audio products from the vintage era. All of our circuitry is 100% analog, and if appropriate, uses tube technology to ensure the most pleasant reproduction of sound. James Demeter, the principal designer and owner of Demeter Amps has spent years perfecting his circuits, and takes great pride in his work. Everything is handmade in our shop, located in Templeton, California. No part of our operation has been outsourced overseas, and we plan to keep it that way.

Recognized throughout the world

We can almost guarantee that you have heard a Demeter product before. Our equipment is found in countless studios throughout the world, and has been used by everyone from Michael Jackson to Neil Young. Our award winning product line will consistently perform and will never disappoint.

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