Terms & Conditions

Return Policy

You have fifteen day evaluation period to listen to and check out the equipment. Your evaluation period begins the day the unit arrives from the factory. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason you are eligible to return it for a full refund within the fifteen day evaluation period. You are only responsible for the payment of shipping charges. After the fifteen day evaluation period, and up until thirty days from the shipping date, the unit may still be returned but will be subject to a ten percent (15%) restocking fee. After thirty days has elapsed from the date of shipment, Demeter Amplification can no longer accept the product for return or for any reason other than repair. After thirty days you own the unit.

Save Everything

In order to receive a full refund, you must send back all cables, manuals, paperwork, packing materials, and anything else you received in your box. Returned items that are missing any of the original box contents and/or show signs of wear or abuse will be subject to a $25 processing fee as well as applicable charges for the replacement of the missing items.

Don’t Scratch or Damage the Unit

Any unit returned to Demeter Amplification must be in the same condition as when it originally shipped from Demeter Amplification. Any damage to the unit, including marks, dents and scratches, will cause the customer to be subject to a $25 processing fee in addition to charges consistent with the amount it costs Demeter Amplification to bring the unit back to sell-able condition. If the unit is to be rack mounted please use washers along with rack screws in order not to leave marks on the unit.

Defective, Incorrect or Missing Items

Every precaution is taken to detect and prevent errors during the shipping process. However, should there be a mistake please call us immediately and we will correct it! If a product doesn’t seem to work, please recheck the manual. How many times have you kicked yourself when you realized something wasn’t plugged in? Is an item missing? Please double check the packing material and look inside cases, etc.

Freight Damage

Never accept damaged packages. However, if you do receive a damaged package call us within 48 hours and we will contact the shipper and arrange for a replacement immediately.
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